Saturday, September 1, 2012

HSEB +2 Management Result 2012

HSEB non science result has been already published and you can check your Result. To check your result see the end of this article.

HSEB result should have published weeks ago but it has not publish yet by unwanted strike of different student unions. HSEB recently agreed with the Student unions and unlock the strike with the terms and conditions of changing their college names. Strike was for changing the name of their affiliated college with Nepali name and also maintaining quality of the education of +2 level. It may be a good steps taken by Student unions but the result of non science were hampered with this strike, So timing was slightly not favorable for this kind of things.

HSEB member secretary Bhimlal Gurung said that HSEB is likely to publish the non science result last friday but it was not published at the date. HSEB has come to last phase of publishing result of non science and they will publish the result very soon. Students are awaiting the result of +2 non science result however Science result was publish month ago.

Although the result has not published yet but University of Nepal and other universities has already admitted the student to their colleges in provisional basis. Kathmandu University has already enrolled their programs for BBA from a week ago . The college affiliated with Trivuwan university are taking their internal entrance exam and awaiting for CMAT exam which will be held on 30 of Bhadra. Pokhara and Purbanchal University has already admitted student to the colleges in Provisional basis.

HSEB +2 non science result will be published soon and you can check your Result Via Websites

You can also check the Result Via SMS
-For result through sms  you should subscribe to Sparrow SMS.. 
Enter  HSEB space Symbol no and send it to 5001.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hack Facebook Account

Hacking is not easy for sure. Facebook has changed time and time after to make strong against hacking. It is said that Facebook can be easily hacked by the people with the help of application. People bought various application to hack other people's Facebook account but they were faked by the fake application developers. Some software developer might develop software to hack Facebook account but they wont work for long time.

At first Facebook it seemed more simple than now it is. From its existence to now it has been changed a lot either for its looks and security. Facebook has been changing so fast and improving in present phase.  Facebook has been changing day by day with good improvement on it. Regarding privacy Facebook has done a lot for it.

From its establishment to now Facebook has been changing a lot. There have been many Changes on Facebook either it be security or a look or user friendly view, it has been recently changing and improving. From people's privacy to chat system, from website reliability and working style, Facebook has been changing and improving day by day.

Changes that took place in Facebook

Till year 2012 Facebook has changed a lot with remarkable big chances. Facebook team has followed the innovation in their project. Facebook has recently added new feature named Timeline. People are changing old wall profile to Timeline. Every Facebook pages have changed to Timelines automatically. Previously users could not comment and like on a post they haven't like but now they can do it. We can find summary of comments through Notifications. Friend request filteration has been more improved. The conversation done in the chat can be reviewed in the message. Fan pages can receive message from their fans.

Similarly there has been many updates that took place in the Facebook. Facebook security has been made so strong that it cant be hacked easily. Facebook is working more harder from this. Facebook is most popular site in present context and Mark Zuckerberg Facebook chairman as well as CEO is world youngest Billionare

How to earn online?

How to earn online?
To earn money online you should first have a website. You can make website as you wish with without any costs. After making Website you should register in Adsense or other Advertiser. I recommend Adsense and they are most Reliable in advertising. For registering In Adsense you should first log in to and register in it.

What is Adsense?
Adsense is the advertiser company which is owned by Google. As we know Google is a top ranked website of the world. They have been providing service since so long and they can be trusted.

What Payment method they use?
Adsense will send money to its publisher through remittance. Although you can choose the remittance that you want to take the money from.

What is the Minimum amount that they send to us?
The minimum amount they sends us is 100$.

When they sends our earned money?
They will send money in the last week of the current month which you earned last month and the money should be more than 100$,

How do you know about it?
I have been working with it since 3 years so i knew about it.