Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to earn online?

How to earn online?
To earn money online you should first have a website. You can make website as you wish with without any costs. After making Website you should register in Adsense or other Advertiser. I recommend Adsense and they are most Reliable in advertising. For registering In Adsense you should first log in to and register in it.

What is Adsense?
Adsense is the advertiser company which is owned by Google. As we know Google is a top ranked website of the world. They have been providing service since so long and they can be trusted.

What Payment method they use?
Adsense will send money to its publisher through remittance. Although you can choose the remittance that you want to take the money from.

What is the Minimum amount that they send to us?
The minimum amount they sends us is 100$.

When they sends our earned money?
They will send money in the last week of the current month which you earned last month and the money should be more than 100$,

How do you know about it?
I have been working with it since 3 years so i knew about it.

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